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Us in a photo booth!

We helped Kelly + Chris set up a self serve photo booth at their wedding with their own camera…. well of course we had to test the booth to make sure it was working right…. we also did more through out the night. You can tell the one before we started shooting as my hair looks presentable, and well erin doesn’t have a beer until we are all done (unless the groom insists sooner- love those guys!) so that tells you it was the end of the night and the camera is in the right place it seems to have been kicked out of place probably by the guests (uhmmm groomsmen) whom were mooning the camera. Ha Ha….

We work so hard shooting that we tend to forget about how awful we end up looking. my hair was all over the place and erin actually ripped his shirt at this wedding and usually sweats like crazy and because I am a girl I don’t EVER sweat ( right honey? ) …. At the end of the wedding we end up looking like we were caught in a twister then put in an oven then attacked by dogs. But hey you wouldn’t get the pictures you get if we didn’t get attacked by cactus or roll down a hill. Which I did both here. I had cactus in my thighs, arms, and ankles  all night so for those guests wondering why I was scratching my self like a dog with fleas… well that is why. We should have this wonderful wedding’s slideshow up in a matter of days!!! yeah!!
Enjoy a little of us! sorry the pics are so big…too lazy to resize plus we look better bigger right! I know it looks like erin is grabbing my boob and he probably is…. :)

Kelly + Chris {Palm Springs Wedding}

Over this past weekend, Courtney and I had the opportunity to photograph a very cool wedding at a private residence with a swanky hotel reception. Kelly and Chris (the yellow ballon engagement session in an earlier post) rented out a fun hotel in Palm Springs where they could party and swim throughout the night. Kelly had a lot of details in mind: escort cards attached to potted succulent plants, a self service photobooth setup, lemony desert table, and s’mors over a crystal fire pit to name a few. Courtney and I had a great time working with a fun planner/florist named Megan who executed the details and the flow of the event with ease, and Eric, the DJ, kept the party going. We shot a ton of images and will be spending the next week combing through the edit. However, we are just so excited that we couldn’t wait to share. There’s a lot of images in the post and even more in the gallery below. Stay tuned for their slideshow!


p.s. Courtney reminded me to mention that Kelly’s dress is a Monique Lhuillier.