Nadia & Charles Engagement Session

We are so excited to share with you the engagement shoot of Nadia and Charles. We had such a blast shooting with them. They were so much fun, totally relaxed, and the story of the day was nothing short of magnificent and special. Starting with a picnic in a valley field and ending on the beach we were able to capture a ton of fabulous photos. Here are some of our favorites. Stay tuned for the wedding in August. Meg from La Partie events will be coordinating and doing the florals for this ANTHROPOLOGIE themed wedding at the Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. We are so excited. For now enjoy this little story of LOVE of Nadia and Charles. As always more photos in the gallery below.nadia_charlie_engagement002nadia_charlie_engagement004nadia_charlie_engagement010nadia_charlie_engagement009nadia_charlie_engagement011nadia_charlie_engagement012nadia_charlie_engagement014nadia_charlie_engagement006nadia_charlie_engagement018nadia_charlie_engagement015nadia_charlie_engagement016nadia_charlie_engagement017nadia_charlie_engagement003nadia_charlie_engagement005nadia_charlie_engagement022nadia_charlie_engagement023nadia_charlie_engagement025nadia_charlie_engagement027nadia_charlie_engagement028nadia_charlie_engagement033nadia_charlie_engagement035nadia_charlie_engagement031nadia_charlie_engagement037nadia_charlie_engagement038nadia_charlie_engagement039nadia_charlie_engagement044nadia_charlie_engagement043nadia_charlie_engagement046nadia_charlie_engagement047nadia_charlie_engagement048nadia_charlie_engagement049nadia_charlie_engagement051nadia_charlie_engagement055nadia_charlie_engagement053nadia_charlie_engagement054nadia_charlie_engagement060nadia_charlie_engagement061nadia_charlie_engagement063nadia_charlie_engagement062nadia_charlie_engagement065nadia_charlie_engagement066

  • kat - rock n roll - adorable!

  • Shari @ Pretty Chicky - THese are so beautiful- I can’t wait to see their wedding- such a good looking couple!

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  • Trisha Chan - awesome! love the colors and how you used everything for composition.

  • kelly - absolutely stunning!

  • Janna - Wow wow wow wow wow. This shoot is incredible!

  • Grace Incorvati - Oh My God, You look so beauty, cute, awsome, I can`t explain,I have no words, you make me cry, both loocked so tenderness. Congratulations and Happiness forever, We love you always, your Aunt from Venezuela Grace and yours cousins Alessia, Alberto Josè your Aunt Myriam and your uncle Raul and remember “LIVE ALWAYS LIKE YOUR HEART EXPRESS”, Love,Love and Congratulations your Aunt Grace

  • Jessica - Oh! What a gorgeous couple! They RADIATE with love and affection. Love the tender picnic!

  • Bri - This photos are gorgeous!

  • Bri - These photos are gorgeous!

  • Kim - What a gorgeous couple! These photos take my breath away.

  • Rachel - Beautiful Work! I just found your blog on the 100 layer blog and I am so excited. I will be up all night looking at your gorgeous work! Wonderful, simply Wonderful!

  • Katiuska Wllison - Awesome Pictures , both Nadia & Charles, are a gorgeous couple and stunning photos. Thank you for sharing. Kat

  • Katiuska Ellison - Gorgeous pictures. Beautiful Stunning!!!!
    Both Charlie % Nadia, are a super an awesome couple you can see the connection.

  • nadia & charles - hi erin & courtney! thanks again for capturing our love so beautifully! these photos are truly amazing and we will cherish them forever. can’t wait for the wedding!

  • Sherisa V. of L'élephant Rose - OMG!! I saw this earlier today and I’ve been sending the link to EVERYONE I’ve spoken to on IM today (haha). This oozes love and gentleness. I like that he has an engagement ring. I gave my fiance one as well.


  • Courtney - These are beautiful!

  • Lisamarie - I JUST found your blog through Nicole DeAnne’s blog and I absolutely love your work. As soon as I leave work, I am going to look through all of your photos!

  • Андрей - Здравствуйте. У меня возник вопрос. Я вот пишу иногда вам комментарии они появляются но потом когда через минутку захожу их уже нет. Почему так незнаете ?

  • Yuko - Absolutely Amazing photos!! Congrats Charles & Nadia!

  • KariAnne - Holy crud these take my breath away. Beautiful couple, beautiful photos I could go on and on and on. I cannot wait to see the wedding!

  • Victoria - I am so glad that I found your site! I absolutely love your photography! I am defenitely going to use you in my future!!

  • victoria - omg! it’s the most wedding foto i’ve ever seen!!!!